Cutting Edge Tech
Purposeful instruction that helps players make the most of their training.
Off-Ice Training
Incorporating strength training, conditioning, flexibility, recovery, & nutrition awareness, for well-rounded athletes.
Hockey Curriculum
Our 5th-12th grade curriculums guide players from day one to graduation.
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Spring 2023 marked the close of our inaugural season. We have had an exciting first year and have seen tremendous growth in our student athletes, both on and off the ice. As we moved forward into the 2023-2024 season and school year, we will continue to focus not only on the development of good hockey players, but quality people through exceptional leadership and guidance. 

At Nest Hockey Academy, we believe that the product gained is determined by the quality of effort put in. We are dedicated to the purposeful development of our student-athletes. Our coaches have developed 5th-12th grade hockey curriculums that guide Nest athletes unit by unit from day one through to graduation. Each school day we focus on three developmental areas of the game: technical & tactical skills, skating development, and team play.  Nest student-athletes will improve in these areas through purposeful training that teaches motor skills, retention, and practical application. 

This on-ice development will be reinforced with off-ice training in the form of stickhandling, strength & conditioning training, flexibility, recovery, multi-sport games, nutrition awareness, and video analysis. The result is a daily schedule that coordinates on and off ice training to maximize athletic development. 

Our student-athletes aren’t only graded in hockey & academic content areas, but also in 5 key “Character Counts” areas: Attitude & Accountability, Focus, Effort & Problem Solving. Our ultimate goal is to create well rounded student-athletes who have success on the ice, in the classroom, and outside of Nest Hockey Academy. 

Nest Hockey is a co-ed program, exclusive to hockey.  This 2023-2024 season our Nest teams will play in SAHOF. As with any other SAHOF team, Nest student-athletes are required to play for Nest Hockey Academy only. Throughout the regular season Nest players will participate in SAHOF games and tournaments, as well as tournaments outside of SAHOF in accordance with SAHOF regulations. At the conclusion of SAHOF regular season, our student body continues into our off-season training and spring program. Nest students are required to play for our Nest spring team as it is a part of the school year and is included in tuition. 

To play for Nest Hockey Academy, our student-athletes must be enrolled in Nest Hockey Academy as full-time students. Academics and hockey are not offered separately. Our application process includes both academic screening and hockey evaluations, which are scheduled upon submission of application.